About Us

Hi! We’re Lisa & Jacques, a couple who love each other dearly and love photography, too!
We’ve been together for over five years and got married in December 2016.
Besides photography, Lisa plays piano and Jacques is a keen artist. We’re both a little geeky and love gadgets, animals and space movies.

How We Got Here

Lisa’s interest in photography started many years ago, when her grandfather handed down his beloved film camera to her and showed her how to use it.
She started off taking pictures as a hobby and later on did small shoots for friends and family, and eventually went on to photograph weddings.

Aware of the huge responsibility that photographing a wedding entails, Lisa first assisted professionals in the field to gain experience and learn from the best.
From there she went on to second shooting until she felt comfortable enough to work on her own and has now been photographing weddings for over 7 years.

After Lisa and Jacques started dating, Lisa realized that Jacques’ background in art had given him a great eye for photography and he started assisting her with shoots.
He now second shoots with Lisa at most weddings and together they create beautiful images that can be viewed and treasured for life.

Photo below from our wedding day
Image: Jani B Photography